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Tea infuser with crystal

Tea infuser with crystal

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Tea infuser with crystal

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Get the perfect stainless steel tea infuser that infuses your environment with positivity. Give your tea ritual a spiritual touch today with our unique crystal tea infuser collection. Explore the different crystal types we offer and get choices based on a more diverse palette of crystal colors. 

Key Features 

  • High-quality stainless steel 
  • Crystal-infused collection with various crystal types and a range of colors 
  • Easy to Use 
  • Infuses positivity 
  • Powerful and life-changing

Choose From A Number Of Designs Available!

Our collection of crystal infused stainless steel tea strainer has a variety of options for you to choose from. Depending on your aesthetics and style, you can choose your unique crystal from our collection of crystal-infused stainless Steel tea strainers and enjoy your spiritually powered tea today.

Crystal Amethyst 

With a violet hue, our crystal Amethyst stainless steel tea infuser can perfectly blend calmness and reminiscence. Amethyst is believed to bring healing and balance, which you invite into your life as you sip your tea strained from this powerful crystal tea infuser.


Our stainless-steel tea strainer is also available with crystal Aventurine. With a touch of green, it adds freshness to your tea moments. Believed to invoke inspiration and passion, serving tea from a stainless steel tea strainer charged with the power of Aventurine can leave you with a creative mind.

Rose Quartz 

Looking for some self-care? What could be better than having tea? Feel the power of self-love and tenderness with the properties of Rose Quartz infused tea. With the stainless steel tea strainer refining your tea, you are blessed with a powerful crystal-infused tea that can soothe your soul.


The Citrine tea infuser from our collection of stainless steel crystal tea infusers can be the perfect tea strainer for you if you're looking for abundance and positivity. Each sip gives you the energy to bask in the moment, making your tea experience a longer one and settling your heart on the good parts of life. 

Red Agate 

Looking for a boost in your courage? Ignite your courage and confidence with our Red Agate Crystal Tea Infuser, a passionate companion in your tea ritual. Every sip empowers you by evoking your inner strength, making you stronger, more confident, and more radiant. 

Dark Amethyst 

Experience the alluring charm of the Dark Amethyst Crystal Tea Infuser. This variant exudes a sense of mystery and depth, encapsulating the transformative power of amethyst. Let dark amethyst's deep, rich hues elevate your tea into an enchanting journey of self-discovery.

Advantages Of Crystal Infused Tea Strainer

  • Elegant addition to your kitchenware
  • Durable with high quality stainless steel
  • Boosts your health and mind with crystal healing properties
  • Comes in various crystal colors and sizes

Our collection of crystal-infused stainless Steel tea strainers can be the perfect choice for a crystal lover. And what else could be better than choosing tea as a medium? The powers of crystal magic straight infused into your tea can bring wonders to your spiritual experiences. Choose from our range of crystal collections and Shop yours today!


Product information

  • Material: Natural stone + stainless steel
  • Coffee & Tea Tools Type: Tea Infusers
  • Drinkware Type: Tea Infusers
  • Eco-friendly: Lead and Nickel Free
  • Weight: 25-40g 
  • Ball size: 4*5cm

Care and Instructions

Clean with damp cloth

Shipping and Return

Free shipping to all orders ! You can always return a product within 14 days after the package has been picked up.

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Tea Infuser with Amethyst Purple Crystal

Tea infuser with crystal

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Tea Infuser with Amethyst Purple Crystal

Tea infuser with crystal

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How much loose-leaf tea to put in the infuser?

The recommended ratio of loose-leaf tea to water is 1 teaspoon of loose leaves per 8 ounces (or 1 cup) of water.

How many times can you infuse tea?

It depends on the type of tea and personal preference, but many types of tea can be infused 2-3 times.

What happens if you infuse too long?

Infusing tea for too long can lead to an unpleasantly bitter, astringent taste. The optimal infusion time varies depending on the type of tea, but usually ranges from 2-5 minutes.

Can you overfill a tea infuser?

Overfilling the infuser can prevent the water from circulating around the tea leaves, leading to an under-extracted cup of tea. It is recommended to fill the infuser with the appropriate amount of loose-leaf tea, leaving enough space for the tea leaves to expand.

How long should the infusion last?

The infusion time depends on the type of tea and personal preference. It usually ranges from 2-5 minutes for most types of tea. Some herbal teas may require longer infusion times. The infusion therapy mentioned in the previous answer does not apply to tea infusion.