About Us

Our Philosophy

We focus on carefully handcrafted products that channel a simple, yet tasteful lifestyle while harmoniously blending form with functionality, creativity and culture. The brand is a homage to the traditional artisans practicing their art and keeping the artform alive. We believe in exploring the rich history of handicrafts and making it accessible to the world.

We strive to empower and support the artist as well as the beauty of handcrafted products. Svadia aspires to be the bridge for all those artists who are not connected to the global world and to keep the traditional skill sets alive.

Our Values

  • Handcrafted

    Exquisite craftsmanship imbued with an immemorial spirit telling stories dating back thousands of years. Each product is unique, representing beauty, heritage and art

  • Sustainable

    A conscious lifestyle, offering an alternative to mass-produced goods

  • Preserve and Cherish

    Bridging the gap between the artist and the world – We aim to preserve, cherish and spread the art, heritage and beauty that are timeless

What drives us?


Delivering authentic handicrafts from the artisans directly to customers

We are providing a platform for artisans who are not digitally connected or who cannot reach the end-user due to geographical challenges. Our focus is to simplify the process. Our experience and research tells us that it's a challenge to find authentic handicraft products across Europe from different parts of Asia in a single shop or on a single platform. We act as a medium between the artisans and our customers, “from artisan to home” is our goal. We want our customers to get the feeling that they are buying directly from an artisan across the world.  

Henri Matisse said: "Creativity takes courage" – We would like to be that courage of an artist. With us the artisan doesn't have to worry about selling, they can focus on the art and crafts, while we take care of the rest.


Create a fusion of different arts and culture

We encourage the artisan to be aware of global trends and fashion in order to be more relevant and creative while crafting their products. The results are a graceful fusion of tradition and innovation offering a mix of heritage and trends.


Empower artisans who would like to express themselves

Every artisan has a story. We would like to hear their stories, and how they manage to create such marvelous creations in spite of whatever challenges that may be associated with it. At Svadia, we convey the story of the products through our platform.