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Spinach Coasters Handmade with Sabai-Grass

Handwoven coaster set in sabai grass

Regular price 167 SEK
Regular price 238 SEK Sale price 167 SEK

A part of our Bohemian Beauties collection, the Spinach Coaster Set consists of four beautifully handcrafted, sabai grass coasters with a practical matching container. The compact coasters are created by female artisans in a spin-wheeled form and the container has a convenient handle. These classic and environmentally friendly coasters are made to protect your tabletops from the moisture and heat of glasses and teacups in a natural golden and spinach color finish.

Product Information

  • Material: Sabai Grass
  • Dimensions: 15 x 6 cm
  • Weight: 200 g
  • Care: Clean with damp cloth




Which material is used to make these decorative coasters?

These durable, eco-friendly coasters are made from sabai grass.

How to clean these coasters?

Clean with damp cloth

Which shape are these beautiful coasters?

They are circular.

What is the weight, color and size of this coaster set?

Weight: 200g, Color: Spinach green, Size: 15 x 6 cm

How can this coaster be used?

These classic and eco-friendly coasters in a natural golden and spinach colored finish are made to protect your table tops from the moisture and heat of glasses and teacups.